Pacific Violin Academy


This Program creates a musical environment for students to explore music and learn the fundamentals of music.

This program focuses on students aiming for professional music performance with rigorous training. Students need to audition with advance scales and arpeggios, concertos, and sight readings.

This program offers a more intensive training that meets the national standards administered by the American String Teachers Association. The students is awarded a national certification for each level through examination in May of each year.

  • After obtaining an appointment, the audition/interview will take place at locations to be arranged.
  • Instruction can be offered in both English or Chinese.
  • Lessons can be offered both locally or online.

This program provides learning the violin playing according to each individual’s need. There is an audition and interview. Students need to prepare a scale and arpeggios as well as a composition of their choice. There is no audition requirements for beginners during the interview.