The mission of Pacific Violin Academy is to provide professional music training programs online or in person to prepare students for the challenge of higher education and music professions. Pacific Violin Academy welcomes all students who share the beliefs and interests in music education and in challenging oneself. Scientific research has demonstrated that musical training improve mathematical thinking and understanding, instill disciplinary skills, build strong concentrations, develop artistic expressions, and bridge cultural differences.

We strive for the following:

Education through music - Scientific approach with programs 

tailored to age groups and individual skill level.​
Cultivate creative potentials – Students can learn to create their own music
Encourage cultural expressions – Preserve the characteristics of ethnic music
Respect individuality – Encourage individualized musical expression
Multifaceted services – Provide various programs to meet individual needs

Why Music?

​Students who study music are 52% more likely to go on to college or other higher education (American Music Conference Report)

​In an U.S. government report on teaching for the future workplace, schools were urged to teach the skills learned in music (U.S. Department of Labor)

​​The latest medical research is proving that music lowers blood pressure, releases stress, contributes to happiness, and improves health (U.S.A. Today)


  Pacific Violin Academy